Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Louisiana Boat Trailers now Exempt from Inspection

A new Louisiana bill has been passed exempting boat trailers from the requirement of periodic and annual inspection of motor vehicles by the DMV. House Bill 347 is sponsored by Rep. Austin J. Bado, who says the boat trailer exemption, which was signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, will take effect August 1.He claims that the stripping of boat trailers from the list is no major inconvenience to government books anyway, so they opted to strike it out from the outset.
Before you heave a sigh of relief, however, you need to remember two things. First: the bill exempts only boat trailers and not other types of trailers, so if you own an ATV or utility trailer, you still need to have that rig inspected. Second: though you won’t need to take your boat trailer for inspection anymore, know that it doesn’t spare you from the responsibility of taking care of your trailer yourself.
When you’re on the road, highway safety is always top priority, and ensuring that your boat trailer is always in good condition is a crucial investment toward this goal. If you plan on taking your boat for fishing this summer, have your trailer inspected by a professional mechanic first, and replace any worn items immediately with brand-new, top-quality trailer parts.

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