Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Look at Trailer Disc Brake Systems

Despite the prevalence of drum brake and electric brake kits, many boating trailers still use the tried and tested disc brake system, which can also be found in most automobiles. Thanks to its simplicity, the disc brake is also the easiest to maintain or replace. This is why most trailer brake parts sold nowadays are actually components of the disc system.

Despite their simplicity, maintaining or replacing disc brakes and disc brake parts still need some skills. Disc brakes typically have three main parts: the caliper, the brake pads, and the rotor. The caliper slows the vehicle down to a halt by pressing the brake pads against the rotor, which is directly connected to the wheel. Since it holds the rest of the brake parts together, the caliper can be considered as the main component of a disc brake system. In fact, if a broken disc brake system needs to be repaired, the caliper is usually replaced altogether for safety reasons.

In addition to this, disc brakes in boat trailers also rely on brake fluid, much like in any other vehicle. Therefore, the brake lines of a disc brake system needs to be inspected thoroughly in any brake repair or maintenance job, to see if there is sufficient brake fluid. 

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