Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pre-Haul Inspection for your Boat Trailer

Before you even think of taking your boat out of your yard this summer, you should first see to it that it won’t just roll over on its side while you’re doing 70mph on the highway. This means inspecting every part of your boat trailer for safety and possible signs of wear.
Wheels and Tires
Of all the trailer parts that you have, the wheels and tires are some of the most vulnerable to wear, and thus, are in need of constant maintenance. To remove the tires, use a lug wrench to remove the lug nuts– then, jack up the trailer and check the wheel hubs. If the studs, bearings and brakes are no longer in good working condition, consider getting them replaced.
Trailer Lights
Trailer lights can be a handful as you may need to check the efficiency of the parts, whether you plan on driving with the trailer attached or not. You should inspect the brake, turning, running, and clearance lights and make sure they are all satisfactorily operating. You can also save yourself some trouble by installing a light bar that you can easily remove as the trailer gets dunked into the water.
Inspect and Adjust
Throughout the drive to the lake or river, or wherever you choose to dip your boat into, make sure to keep adjusting the trailer coupler, bow safety chain, trailer-lights plug, trailer safety chains, bow-winch strap, and transom straps. Doing so will add up to your safety in the long run.

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