Friday, March 28, 2014

Which Winch Goes With My Boat?

Suppose you’ve bought yourself a nice boat for regular periods up and down the coast. The craft may or may not have their own berth at the marina. However, there will be times when you want your boat off the water and try your luck in another location, hence hauling them off on a trailer. The thing is: if you already have a trailer, you will need a winch to reel in the vessel before you can transport it anywhere.

The curb weight of your boat will be a major factor in choosing the proper winch. Some experts first recommend checking the manuals of the boat, motor, and trailer for each one’s weight. Add all three weight values and list down the sum in a notebook. Next, compute for the additional weight of gas and other items. Multiply the regular weight of gas per gallon– at 6.25 pounds– times the fuel tank volume, then add around 50 pounds worth of equipment. 

Add up the weight of the first computation and the second, then divide them by two. The result is the minimum weight capacity of the winch you need. Run the capacity by your boat parts seller so they can present you with some choice winches. Buy a new winch strap and some tie-downs to lock the boat on the trailer while in transit.

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