Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Basics of Adjusting Your Trailer Brakes

Travelers, campers, and professionals in the freight industry understand the importance of a good trailer. It is through these mechanisms that a person or a party can easily carry and transport large and numerous items from one location to another. A good trailer helps people get from place to place.

The most important part of the trailer is arguably the brakes. As the trailer is not a natural part of the vehicle, it is going to skid and crash to the back of the vehicle if the brakes are not properly secured and adjusted. This is why it is important for the brakes to be re-adjusted properly.

One of the first things you should do is to raise the wheel whose brakes are going to be adjusted using a jack. The person who will do the work must be careful and ensure that the wheel is properly lifted from the ground.

Next, make sure that the wheel is properly loose and isn’t stopped by the handbrake. Follow that action by removing the lower dust cap on the inside of the brake. With a flat blade screwdriver or a special tool meant for adjusting the brakes, tighten up the brake’s adjuster until the wheel does not move anymore. Afterwards, loosen the wheel up by five to eight times. Doing this with every wheel of the trailer will assure the owner that he will have nothing to worry about on his next trip.

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