Thursday, March 6, 2014

Installing Electric Brakes on Your Trailer

Brakes are one of the most essential parts of trailers and failing to have an effective braking system may cause all kinds of troubles on the road, which may even lead to fatal accidents. If you are planning to install electrical brakes on your trailer, there are vital trailer brake parts that you need to purchase in order to ensure that your brakes will work once you step on that pedal. Here are four must haves:

  1. Mounting flanges – these items should be attached on your trailer's axle, right behind the existing hub assembly. Generally, most axles already have these installed, but in case yours do not have them, you can purchase a square-shaped, 4-bolt pattern flange, which is one of the more popular choices available.

  1. Trailer hub and drum assemblies – when shopping for these assemblies, you must look for the ones that are compatible with the spindles of your trailer. One of the best ways to be guided accordingly is to look at your existing bearings and seals and find the stamped numbers.

  1. Trailer brake assemblies – when searching for these, all you need to remember is to find something that will match your flanges, and fit the hub and drum assemblies.

  1. Controls and wiring – when everything is already set up, you can now install the brake controller, along with the proper wiring necessary for your brakes to work.

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