Monday, March 9, 2015

Social Media Marketing in Dallas Through Google+

Since 2011, Google+ has proved to be an effective means of boosting a business’ online presence. Its first rollout raised eyebrows among Facebook and Twitter users, but its features were found to be more convenient than the others. Here are a few tools of Google+ that will serve your every social media need.
Beauty of YouTube and Google
Video-sharing giant YouTube’s partnership with Google has provided a lot of benefits to users, especially now when having a channel means more views with Google+. All YouTube videos shared through Google+ accounts allow users to view and comment on both accounts in one click. To make it easier, the social network has its own mini video creator called Auto Awesome which automatically creates videos from downloaded photos.
Storing and Sharing with Google Drive
You may have been using Google Drive for how many years now, but you might not have utilized its sharing capabilities with your company. Besides its effective storage service, valuable documents and presentations may also be shared with Google+ users everywhere to boost your company’s profile. Through this tool, you may create a trend or keep conversations alive as you continue to provide relevant updates and information.
This social network has a lot in store for companies in online marketing. Uncover them and include Google+ in your social media marketing efforts.

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