Monday, March 2, 2015

PPC Mobile Tips and Strategies

People are relying on their mobile devices more and more, each and every day. This is why online marketing strategies such as Pay Per Click (PPC) need to be optimized for mobile devices in order to give website visitors a smooth experience. There is a lot to consider when moving to mobile, and these are some things that should be in your strategy:
  • Mobile preferred ads – when creating ads, like in AdWords for example, make sure to select the option which makes the ads displayable on mobile. When creating the ads, make sure that there are mobile-specific words so that they know you have a mobile site.
  • Create a mobile-optimized website – make sure that your website is optimized in mobile browsers and that the pages are easily viewable and navigable so that smooth visits will go smoothly. Some websites do not have a mobile site and display the native site instead, which can be rather hard to navigate on a mobile browser.
  • Make use of mobile ad extensions – these include sitelinks and location extensions, among many. These have varied functions; for example, location extensions can show when a store is open or closed, and sitelinks can give driving directions to the store.
PPC, along with other online marketing strategies, are now being optimized for mobile because of the number of people using smartphones and the number of people making their mobile browser their primary access to the Internet. You too can ride with this trend with Dallas PPC experts.

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