Monday, February 16, 2015

Galvanized Boat Trailer Axle Prevents Corrosion

Sea water acts as the major catalyst for corrosion of boat trailer axles. The trailer parts, wheel and hubs fill up with salt water as you launch your boat off the shore. Although the hubs drain once you’ve pulled your boat trailer out of the water, this doesn’t free your trailer parts from corrosion, which is aggravated by exposure to air.
If left unchecked, corrosion will weaken the structure of the trailer parts, making the boat trailer less safe and less reliable to use. Also, towing a boat trailer with breaks or in bad condition is dangerous and illegal. This calls for a repair or replacement of the parts, which can be very costly. To avoid spending for frequent repairs in the future, opt for hot-dipped galvanized boat trailer axles as a replacement.
This type of boat trailer axle has a protective galvanized coating that makes it resistant to the damages of corrosion. The technology increases the axle’s value and prolongs its lifespan. In addition, galvanized axles allow for design flexibility with its neat, natural grey finish, which can be painted or powder coated easily. Most importantly, its maintenance-free feature is highly beneficial to the environment; it utilizes zinc, an element naturally found in the environment.

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