Thursday, October 23, 2014

Buying a New Trailer Winch? Consider these Factors

Boat trailer winches come with different specs and features, which means that buying a new one isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. For one thing, buyers should consider the purpose they intend for this equipment, because a winch with a permanent magnet motor is best suited for hauling light objects while a hydraulic winch is intended for heavy duty lifting.
Perhaps it’s best for buyers to have a more intimate knowledge about winches and boat trailers before they settle on a purchase. Most winch manufacturers encourage people to determine their desired winch rating by multiplying the gross weight of their vehicle by 1.5; which gives them an idea of the minimum winch size that they need. However, this value isn’t always sufficient, considering that situations which require winching often exceed the minimum winch rating. Therefore, the winch size buyers obtain from their computations must be used as a baseline to find other winches with a bigger rating.
In addition, winch dimensions, namely weight and size, should also be considered because some boat trailers may be too small or too light to accommodate them. Certain winches may even require aftermarket bumpers on account of their size, which translates to more expenses. Finally, warranties should also be noted because even the best winches can break apart when people least expect them to.

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